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London Fog

Sep. 4th, 2007 01:12 pm
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I think that I have probably sung the praises of this drink the past, but I feel that it warrants repeating. This is one of those beverages that taste a lot better than they sound.

Steamed vanilla milk with an Earl Grey tea bag in it = win.

I have found that few places here have it on the menu, but most baristas will know what it is if you order it by name. We stopped at the little coffee shop across the street after lunch, and while my original intention was to buy coffee (more on that in a bit), I suddenly had a craving for something lighter. I noticed that they had all of the ingredients for a London Fog, so I tentatively asked if they knew how to make one. The result was the best one that I've had to date.

My usual favourite from this coffee shop (Fyxx for any locals who might be reading this) is their Jack Hammer -- your choice of black coffee with a bonus shot of espresso. On Friday my co-worker stopped in there to pick up coffee, and he called me from the back of the line to ask if I wanted "the usual". I told him to surprise me with something different, so he brought me something that they called a Jamie Head-Banger. It was four shots of espresso with a shot of chai.

To call it an eye-opener would be an understatement. After a couple of sips of that glorious brew we both looked something like this:
Man, that's some good java!
That was some mighty fine coffee -- but definitely a shock treatment. It is not something that I would drink every day.
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Ever since we got this current foster cat back (Strawberry), we've complained to the shelter that she's very congested. The problem with their veterinary clinic is that they need a description of the snot before they will prescribe an antibiotic. If it's green they get one kind, and if it's yellow they get another. The problem is that she hasn't been producing any snot, she's just been snuffly and wheezy. No snot, no antibiotic, so we've been putting up with a snuffly cat for weeks.

They finally scheduled her for the operation to remove the polyps from her other ear, and we dropped her off on Wednesday. Thursday morning they called me and said, "We can't operate because she's got a nasty ear infection.

Me: Oh? Has the infection spread into her sinuses?
Them: Yes.
Me: ... and that could account for her congestion?
Them: Very probably, yes.

Hmph. Anyway, she's starting on a 3-week, 2-pills a day regimen of antibiotics with a follow-up appointment sometime next week.

Pilling this cat has turned out to be a tricky endeavour. She has mastered simultaneous passive and aggressive resistance. On the one hand she clenches her teeth and tosses her head around to avoid the pill, but on the other she manages to turn her body to jelly at the same time so that it literally pours out of my lap while I'm trying to hold her. It's going to be a long three weeks.
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The subject came up again today...

I think I've posted about these before, but I seriously want to try one.

Just one.

Well, maybe just one bite.

Chocolate-covered pork goodness!  =9

Mmmm.  I shouldn't have eaten my lunch so early today - I'm already hungry again.
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I got hit with a rush project and a very short deadline on Friday.  That is, I have to run all the jobs and compile the figures we need before Monday afternoon.  Since I can't slow down time, it necessitated that I come in on Saturday or Sunday to get some of the figures squared (or rounded) away.  I don't entirely mind - it's nice working here on the weekend because I have the office to myself.  Casual dress, no interruptions... maybe I should change myself to a Sun - Thu schedule.

On the way here I swung by Home Depot to pick up a nut for our lawn mower.  I felt a bit silly handing a 3/8" nut to the girl at the till (for a grand total of $.15 after tax), but it will be nice to get our lawn mower working again.  Given that I had already driven far out of my way en route to the office, I decided that I may as well make one more detour to that Asian market where I bought those interesting beverages a few weeks back.  They no longer carried that delicious Milk Tea that I bought last time, but they were carrying the same product by Lipton.  It claims to be "Rich & Smooth", but I will see if that can stand up to the "Extra Thick" tea I bought the last time.

I also picked up a box of instant ginger tea.  The ingredients on the box are listed (verbatim) as, "Ginger and Rock Sugar".  That's it.  Not too much you can do wrong with only two ingredients, eh?

If you like ginger, then you'd probably love this tea.  It's exquisitely good.  Maybe "Rock Sugar" is a codeword for "Crack Cocaine", because I'm already twitching at the thought of making another cup.
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Cross-posted from the SMOF mailing list. Behind a cut for those who don't eat. )
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Continuing this week in my theme of trying new foods; on today's menu are spiced eels in marinade.  Darn tasty.  =9
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Gah!  All the subject experts in the new system are off today (one left early, the other two are on vacation) so everybody is coming to me for support.  I don't know anything about the new system, and while it would be fun to coach them on the various uses of fdisk, I'm just being passively unhelpful.  My stock answer is,  "Shut down and restart your machine.  If that doesn't fix the problem then call the Help Desk."

Fortunately the restart fixes 90% of the problems.

Now I am going to sit here and count the minutes until I go home.

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