Jul. 13th, 2014 09:31 am
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A theme that comes up between [ profile] atara and I on occasion is how easily we fall into a rut in our lives. One of the symptoms of such a rut is when our dine-out choices begin to narrow to one of about three restaurants that we really like. It is not that either of us are adverse to change, nor to trying something new or different, but it can be disturbingly easy to fall into a comfortable pattern. I brought it up the other day when making plans on our drive home, and these plans amounted to "stop at our usual sushi restaurant for dinner and then buy cat food at our usual pet store".

I joked about how we were falling into our usual patterns again, in spite of making repeated vows to try and mix things up now and then. I guess my comments must have struck home, because the next thing I knew, [ profile] atara was talking about doing a free walking tour of the Exchange District. The tour actually sounded interesting; it was a scheduled 90-minute architectural tour of terracotta buildings erected early last century. The weather was a little ominous through the entire walk, but the rain held off until the tour was over. I gained a new appreciation for some of the old buildings around the city as I learned about their history, and had my attention called to details that I had long overlooked.

This building was not one of the ones featured on the tour, but we passed it near the end of the walk. I quietly disengaged from the crowd and wandered back to get a shot of this doorway. As far as I know, this place has not been open since I moved here, but this sketchy little entranceway with its painfully hand-painted signs has always intrigued me.

Obviously I ran this through a few bit of photo editing after the fact, but I rather like the way it turned out. It has that certain, grungy look that says, "Somebody had some photo editing software and too much free time on his hands."


Jun. 29th, 2014 01:00 am
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Today's drive was as bad as I had been anticipating - worse if you include the fact that it alternately rained and poured between Regina and Brandon.

We arrived home after fifteen(ish) hours on the road to a house that smells of cat pee, three cats who are ecstatic to see us, and 70 KM/H winds. All of the clocks are blinking, but they are blinking about the right time, so I am just going to leave them for tomorrow. Right now it is time to collapse into bed and see if the cats will let us sleep.
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20130115 by Plonq
20130115, a photo by Plonq on Flickr.

While I generally want to steer clear of applying kitschy filters to my pictures for my YIP set, I rather liked the effect of this one that I applied on a whim. even though it warmed the colours, by blowing out the detail in the buildings in the background, it brought the focus more to the dessert in the foreground, and if possible, made it look even colder outside.

Via Flickr:
One could almost call this comfort food. It was good, but erring on the side of inoffensive, and tasted like it was toeing the line on almost being healthy. In short, it was the perfect dessert for a cold, blustery day like this.

Kudos to Flickr for still having LJ as one of their social media sites that you can automatically post an image to, but it would be nice if it allowed a few of the options (like even carrying over your Flickr tags to LJ).
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The fountain in front of our building has been fucking with my brain all summer, and I finally have photographic evidence to show that it's not just my brain playing me for a fool.

I don't often pay attention to the fountain out front, but some days as I've been heading home I've looked at the deep blue-green water in the fountain and thought, "Wait, wasn't that almost the colour of mushy peas when I was heading in to work this morning?" While my memory for colours is far from flawless, I was pretty sure that it's not quite that bad.

Last week when I was heading out to meet [ profile] atara for lunch, I happened to notice that the fountain was pea green, so I snapped a picture with my phone and promptly forgot about it. Today as I was leaving I remembered to get a mid-afternoon picture for comparison. As you can see, the two pictures are quite markedly different.

There are other times when the colour is closer to teal. I'm sure that part of it is lighting, and part of it is algae growth, but I haven't ruled out the possibility that they painted it with light, or heat sensitive paint that changes colour as the sun moves over the course of the day.

Anyway, the upper picture was taken at 16:30 today, and the lower one was taken around 11:45 last Friday.
Fountain Colours
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We wandered down to The Forks today for their $5 charity pasta lunch. After lunch we went for a short walk, first along the Assiniboine river, and then up to the red. The Red is largely ice-free and flowing very quickly, while the Assiniboine still had a fair bit of ice cover, and was moving very sluggishly.

On the other hand, both rivers are running very high.

We stopped midway over the old rail bridge on the Assiniboine when the last traces of the river trail caught our eye. Trying to curl on this set-up would add some interesting twists to the game.

Curling Away
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We bundled up and braved the cold this afternoon with three goals in mind. The first was to get some lunch, since we were both pretty hungry. The second was to check out an organic food market at the south end of town, and the third was to grab a handful of groceries on our way home. The food market was closed today, but we managed to score some good tacos and burritos for lunch, and hit up Safeway on the way home.

This is our second trip to Burrito Del Rio Taqueria, and it won't be our last. It occurred to me after I started to eat that I had ordered the same meal as the previous time, with the exception that I got black beans rather than refried beans on the burrito. The drink was different this time, and I got the medium salsa rather than the hot salsa, so I guess it wasn't quite an identical meal.


It was all good with the exception of the salsa. I found the green tomato base to be almost overpowering in the medium salsa, and to be honest it didn't have a lot of bite to it. [ profile] atara ordered the mild salsa, and handed it to me after she had only eaten a bit. After I added about a teaspoon of the generic hot sauce I found on the table, it was pretty good. Next time I'll get the hot salsa again though.
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We woke to a freezing fog and hoar frost this morning; all you warm climate folk are missing out.

Or not. Sure is pretty though.


One of the benefits of this picture a day project I am doing is that I take my camera with me everywhere, bulky and unwieldy as it can be at times. If this frost had hit at this time last year I probably would not have captured any pictures of it. By noon it had all dissipated.

I took a bunch of other pictures while I was at it. )

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