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This iLev 610 gear has been dropping from my garrison caches for months, and I have been routinely selling it to try and crack the quarter-million gold mark. A few weeks ago I got the head piece in one of the cache boxes, and as a lark I tried it on before I sold it. To the helm's defence, it did not match any of the rest of my gear, so it was - for lack of a better description - butt ugly.

I sold it to one of my garrison vendors, but its hideous after-image gnawed at the back of my brain until I went and bought it back again. I began to wonder if the rest of the set was as unattractive as the helm, and my plan for an anti-transmogrification set was born.

Over the past few weeks I have been hoarding every piece of the Communal set that dropped in my garrison until the shoulders finally arrived this evening.

I ran off to the nearest transmogrifier and gleefully filled every slot with this woeful set...

...and in my opinion, the result is actually rather pleasing, and not at all what I had been expecting. The armour actually looks serene and priestly - very much the look that one might expect on a healer.
A joke gone wrong
I took her back to her roots and copped a picture of her in the Undercity, just because that seemed appropriate.

Guild Wars

Apr. 15th, 2012 08:50 am
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The latest on our old guild (that is, I still have a few characters in the guild, but no emotional attachment at this point).

The (now former) GM cleaned out about half of the guild bank and transferred the bulk of his characters to the other faction. When nobody apparently noticed, he transferred the guild to his wife's account (she no longer plays, but he uses her as a sock puppet now and then) scraped up more of the bank and moved the rest of his characters. When I checked today, I see he cleaned out the rest of the bank with his wife's character, transferred the GM title to his buddy and moved his wife's character to the other faction.

I will mention it to a couple of the others in the guild who might not have noticed in case they care enough to get his account permanently suspended for this (because I am pretty sure this is the kind of thing that will get you banned), but I don't care enough to be bothered by it at this point. [ profile] atara and I kind of saw this coming right from the start, when this guy first took over the guild from our former GM. We always knew it would be a case of "when" and not "if" he would pull this kind of stunt. It's the main reason why I stopped contributing anything to the guild bank other than occasional easily-farmed materials for flasks and potions.
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Kind of I have been wanting to do this to my work monitor since Monday. I have four monitors, and while any of them would suffice, I guess I would probably give preference to the analogue one. To that end I may download an animated GIF with a target in the middle and blinking arrows pointing at it. Just before I put a hoof fist through it I will shout something mildly non-sequitur like, "Suck my balls Jimmy Kimmel!"

Apparently we have contracted out our help desk and asked them to staff it with people who not only do not know our systems, but are only passingly familiar with recent inventions like electricity. "Prithee, tellest me more of this stone upon which thou wouldst attempt in futility to inscribe numerical annotations thereon."

"Our CSD database has not been updating since the 6th"
"Please do not be giving me technical details at this point. I am still needing to be looking at cost analysis for this application problem you are experiencing."
"And I'm telling you it's not the application, it's the data. I have tested it already with multiple applications...!"

I don't know whether to laugh or cry over the fact that a) I was apparently the first to notice that our Customer Operational Reporting database was missing, well, everything past the 6th if I attempted to access any of that selfsame customer data, or b) the fact that their "fix" restored the missing data, but borked everything prior to the 6th, or c) the fact that after they had made things profoundly worse, they earnestly asked, "I am sorry, but I am having to ask. Your original problem is now fixed, correct?"


We downed the first two bosses in the new Dragon Soul raid instance this evening. The first boss was laughably easy - as I suspected he would be after running it in LFR - and the second boss wasn't a whole lot harder. There was a lot more RNG on the second boss, and most of our wipes were due to people adapting to burning cool-downs when we got an unfortunate combination of slimes. Still, I never doubted we would be at least 2/8 before the night was over. I don't think the third boss will give us a lot of trouble either.

My main concern on the night was that my dps is a good 5k lower than the next person in the raid. There are a couple of reasons for that. First, my gear is a mess because they've had me switch roles and specs a couple of times. It would be better if I had two complete sets of armour, but most of my gear is actually better itemized for healing than dps. Likewise a lot of my gemming and reforging. I had made a vow to look into that when I logged in this eveing, but the RL whispered me as soon as I got in game and asked if I would be ok if they swapped me in and out of healing and damage roles for various fights. Ah well, I'll see what I can do about the armour.

The other problem is that most of my efforts to gear up recently have been concentrating on my druid. Our GM announced that he is going to be taking a break from raiding because they are into volleyball season, and he won't have enough time for raiding now. One of our other awesome tanks is also taking a break from the game, leaving just the paladin. Since my bear is just a couple pieces of gear short of being able to tank this new place, the RL asked if I would mind grinding out the last 2-3 pieces so that they can move me into a tanking role. To be honest, I don't really mind. I've been playing the priest for so long that the change will be nice. Mind you, I will need to relearn where all my tank buttons are...
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I really thought this would happen in a more dramatic, or at least more heroic fashion. I figured I would hit maximum level while turning in a pile of murloc eyeballs, or escorting an irritatingly slow-moving NPC who I'd rather shiv than save. Instead I dinged 85 while sitting on the wind rider, picking my nose while I flew to the next quest hub.

In other news, I just got off the phone with Sears (again). When they delivered our new washer and dryer on Thursday, they gave us the wrong dryer. We ordered a matching pair of high-efficiency appliances, but when we went down to hook them up later in the evening we discovered that the dryer was not part of the set. Worse, the one that they gave us is several models down from the one we paid for.

When I called it in on Thursday, the girl at their customer centre promised to put in a call for a replacement and said that we would hear back from them no later than today. She also said that we were free to use the dryer we had until the replacement could be delivered. When we had not received a call from them by 17:00, I called them again to make sure we had not been forgotten in the system.

After spending close to ten minutes listening to hold music, I got connected to one of the more surreal call centre experiences I've had in awhile. The line clicked, and I heard people talking in the background. It became obvious to me that somebody's headset was sitting on the desk, and my first thought was, "Oh great, somebody went on break and forgot to log out of their phone."

About thirty seconds later somebody brusquely picked up the headset and there was a great deal of rustling as they put it on. After about 10 more seconds of silence, there was a long-suffering sigh at the other end and a girl tersely said, "Sir, could you please look at the phone number on the card in front of you and tell me which number you think you called?"

I hesitated for a moment and then read the number off to her.

"That's our number," she replied angrily. "but who did you think you were calling?"

"...Sears?" I ventured. Suddenly a light went on. "You know," I said, "I don't think you're talking to who you think you are talking to."

We quickly figured out that the person who had been on the phone had obviously hung up on her when she had put down her headset for a few moments, and I'd been patched through in his place. She almost burst into tears when she realized I wasn't the same person, as much from embarrassment as relief. Apparently this guy had been a real piece of work.

I confirmed that they were going to be sending us a replacement dryer (she double-checked that they had put through the order) and she reassured us that we were welcome to use the wrong one in the mean time since they did not expect us to just live with dirty clothes until a new one could be arranged.

In other other news, [ profile] atara and I planted ourselves in front of her computer and watched Season 2, Episode 2 of MLP:FIM. They set the bar pretty high in the first season, and I was a little worried that the second season might not live up to it. If these first two episodes are any indication then my worries were unfounded. I hope Hasbro sells warehouses full of MLP toys so that they keep making these for a while.

Also Twilight Sparkle is the mostest awesomest pony ever. She was my favourite even before this S2E2, but this just gelled it for me.

I would say more, but some of you probably haven't seen it yet and I don't want to let any spoilers slip through.


Jan. 23rd, 2011 12:34 am
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After reserving a name for the character, I created a Worgen druid shortly after Cataclysm dropped, and then promptly started neglecting her while I worked on my main Horde characters. After getting three of my Hordies to 85, I figured it was time to spend some time with the puppy.

My goal this evening was to grind out low-level quests until I could get her to level 20. First, level 20 seemed like a good goalpost for an evening's play, but I also wanted to see if the Worgen racial travel form was as evocative as I have heard.


The short answer is yes. When they are running, they bound along like you would expect a half-feral creature to run, but when they stop running they stay in their travel pose which looks less like a "mounted" pose than a "mount me" pose. The Worgen are kind of a neat race with a reasonably interesting back-story, and I like the graphics for the characters though I don't get why they didn't give them tails in their canine form - the Draenei and Tauren both have tails, so I know they have tail subroutines built into the game. Overall though I think the Horde got the better deal. Worgen may be cool, but Goblins are fucking awesome, and the Forsaken back story is downright epic.

What was really interesting was playing through the Foresaken starting quests, then playing through the Worgen ones to see the story told from the other side.

And I think people just look for things that aren't there. Here is Balto in her travel form. With her clothing removed. Well, okay, maybe it's a little suggestive...

Balto 2

I love the squirrel in the background. Just in case you didn't recognize it as a squirrel, the game kindly put a name plate over it like an obsessive person with a label-maker going around sticking labels to everything in the house; "Door", "Chair", "Cat", etc.


Oct. 3rd, 2010 09:50 pm
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When I look at the latest model for the Worgen, two things jump out at me right away.

No, seriously, you could take out an eye with those things.

Since the last model they have expanded her cup size, and replaced the psycho eyes with a smouldering come-hither look.


I think there is little doubt at this point that furries have infiltrated Blizzard's design team.
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I really didn't want to roll an Alliance toon.

... but it seems you leave me no choice. )
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My co-worker is all out of sorts because his Conservatives didn't get a majority government. He won't come right out and admit that he voted for them, but he got very defensive when I brought up the DRM bill. "Oh, well, whatever. It's not like they'll be able to enforce it." He then went on to rant about how bad it was that the Liberals picked up as many seats as they did (presumably because he wanted a Conservative majority).

I counter-argued that it was important to have a strong opposition in the house, to keep GWB's mini-me in check. Nope. Wrong. The Liberals deserved to get destroyed in the election because "Dion is a total idiot. He's a complete moron. Everything he does is stupid."

"I'll admit that he wasn't the strongest choice for leader, but name three stupid things he's done to make him such a complete idiot."

"Well, he waffled on the carbon tax. He was back and forth and back and fourth. He changed his mind at least four times."

"Okay, but that only counts as one thing. What else has he done to make him a complete moron?"

"Well, lots of stuff. I can't remember any of it now, but he's done all kinds of stupid stuff!"

... Where have I heard that kind of answer before?

COURIC: But what ones (newspapers and magazines) specifically? I'm curious.
PALIN: Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years.

[sigh] What bothers me the most is that he is a typical voter. He has no idea what the issues are, he just hopes that the Conservatives will keep the price of gas down so that it will be cheaper to drive his SUVs. (Yes, his family has a "his" and "hers" SUV.)
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Yes, we're still playing World of Warcraft. For the most part I have been doing boring stuff in the game, like grinding for reputation and money. Yesterday [ profile] atara was talking about how she would like to play a druid, so we (sort of) re-created our tauren sisters that we had been playing over on Cenarius. Rather than paying to transfer them over to our new server, we just created a new pair of druids, and we are levelling them up together.

All is quiet on the guild front. After swearing that we would never adopt a DKP system, we quietly adopted a system that does the same thing under a different name. So far there has not been a rash of drama and /gquits over it, but that may be because people are holding off to see how well it works before they get indignant. That might also be because this is a remarkably mature and drama-free guild. There have been a few people quitting in the middle of the night here and there, but new people seem to join at about the same rate, so we're holding at a steady 96 accounts most of the time.

Starting in October we are going to be putting a bit more effort into progression, and to that end we wrapped up a loose end that had been vexing us for awhile.
Take that, bitch! )
For the most part taking Engineering as a profession has been a pointless money pit, but there are a few things that I would miss terribly if I gave up the profession. My personal teleportation devices to Gadgetzan and Blades Edge Mountains have proven to be very useful - if a little flaky. Usually when my Gadgetzan teleporter malfunctions it just tries to kill me, but when my Blades Edge teleporter malfunctions...
... the results can be amusing. )
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Sorry for posting two Warcraft posts in one day, but I wanted to end things on a more positive note.

I got an unexpected damage buff when I turned in a quest this evening. Later, since I had to grind for Motes of Life anyway (for an engineering device I was building), I decided to burn a couple of cool-downs to see what kind of damage output I could achieve. Holy priests like the one I play are not renown for their damage output, but I'm pretty happy with the DPS I was putting out.
Holy damage does too scale well! )
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With the expansion pack just around the corner this will become moot for awhile, but it was no less frustrating a couple of nights back (and it is always worst when the various class leaders aren't along on the run. What's that expression about "when the cat's away..."?) Since it looks like we are going to be doing ZG all week it has the potential to be a continuing source of annoyance until next Tuesday.

Scenario: You are running ZG because you couldn't get enough bodies for MC. Your raid has already wiped once on a pull of trash mobs, and you continue to lose people on every pull of what should be very routine critters. Assume for argument's sake that four of the people are actually healing, and a fifth (the lowest-level of the bunch) is desperately splitting his time between healing and cleansing the poison that's ripping through the cloth-wearers. As to the other two "healers" on the run...

[Poll #903454]

If you answered G or H then you were probably on our raid the other day.

(Seriously guys, I don't care how you spec, but when people around you are dying, it won't kill you to cast the occasional heal, or drop a poison-cleansing totem, or...)


Dec. 5th, 2006 08:10 am
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we got her! we got her! we... oops. wipe.
yay! die bitch!

... and that's the 30,000 ft overview of our evening. Our guild has downed Onyxia before, but there have been some significant personnel changes since then. The raid leader raised a good point when he said (paraphrased here), "This was a significant kill for us. I know we've downed her before, but it's been months. Obviously most of us have beaten her with other guilds and other toons, but often we were just tagging along with people who had her on farm status. It was important for us to learn our own strategy."

I'm starting to feel good about this raid group that's coming together (and I sincerely hope that we can hold together after Burning Crusade). It's taken a bit of work with all the re-training of tanks and other turnover, but we're starting to gel and work well together. We finally cracked Sulfuron again too after adopting a slightly different strategy suggested by one of our newer members.

On a side note (rant), what ever happened to good manners? At what point does it seem reasonable and polite to simply stand up and unannouncedly wander away from your keyboard moments before we're about to pull the main boss? I know that emergencies, and unexpected events sometimes crop up, but one would think that a person could show at least a modicum of consideration and say something in text of voice chat. Leaving 39 other people standing around with their thumbs up their asses because they don't know if or when you are coming back (and they can't leave you there because you'll end up drawing the trash mobs onto us when they re-spawn) is ignorant and rude. As you can probably tell from my rant, it's one of my pet peeves in the game.

We ended up booting him from the raid after giving him 3-4 minutes to respond to our repeated voice and text prompts. He didn't grouse about it later, so I suspect he knew why he got punted.


Nov. 14th, 2006 08:25 am
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One of the last upgrades I got with our previous guild was this nice little wand from Instructor Razuvious:

Wand of the Whispering Dead
Binds when picked up
119 - 222 Shadow Damage          Speed 1.50
(113.7 damage per second)
+10 Intellect
+9 Spirit
Durability 75 / 75
Requires Level 60

Equip: Increases healing done by spells
and effects by up to 22.

Sells for 14gold 89silver 94copper to vendors
Item Level 83

The wand has become an integral part of my attack when I'm playing solo. The routine looks like this:

Holy Fire
Shield (on self)
Shadow Word Pain
Wand... Wand... Wand... (repeat until dead)

It's not the fastest way to take down an opponent, but it is very mana-efficient. I could usually burn through 20-30 crunchies before having to stop for mana regeneration. The wand usually hits for 130ish per shot, with crits sometimes taking it close to 300. All the time, though, I couldn't shake this nagging curiousity about what kind of damage I could be doing with the wand if I was specced for shadow. Curiosity got the best of me last night and I bucked up the 15g to re-spec. I went with a full Shadow DPS spec, and tossed in the boost to wands under the Discipline tree. Having thus rendered myself mostly useless for raiding, I caught a Windrider up to Easter Plague Lands and unleashed my new arsenal on the first hostile critter I encountered.


It's been awhile since I played a shadow priest, but I still remembered the basic attack.
Curse of Weakness
Shadow Word Pain
Shield(on self)
Wand... Wand (crit for 590)
Critter: x.x

In my previous incarnation as a shadow priest I made the mistake of not taking Spirit Tap as a talent. This time I bought it up to 100% proc, and I wonder now how I got by without it. By the time I turned my attention to the next hapless critter in the area, my mana had already ticked back to nearly full. Just for giggles, I teamed up with [ profile] atara's warlock, and we went on a tour of destruction through Silithus. We were a two-person wrecking crew. My damage output is nowhere near what she's tossing out with her 'lock, but it's more than double what it was before I did the switch to shadow. It is going to be really tough to spec back to holy once I'm done playing with this one.


Nov. 6th, 2006 03:56 pm
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I don't want to stir up drama in the guild boards, so I'm going to grump about it here.

Dear druids and shaman in my guild,

Learn to heal, ya noobs!

Thank you,

After last night's wipes on Sulfuron, I had a quick look at the healing stats and they looked something like this:

priest *****************************
priest ******************

The druids and shamans in our guild have been getting a free ride of sorts up until now because we've usually had enough priests along to handle the dispelling, and a good part of the healing too. The healing stats suggest to me that, aside from the class leaders, the druids and shaman aren't stepping up to the healing plate -- which is critical if we want to continue advancing as a guild. Let's face it, MC and Ony are basically training grounds for the tougher instances.

MC begins to take you into the realm of boss-fight strategy that transcends "heal the main tank while the DPS burns him down". Sulfuron is a good example of a fight where the primary healers have to serve a purely non-healing role (for the first phase of the fight anyway). Until the rest of these guys move their healing buttons to their cast bars, we're going to be banging our head on this boss until the expansion pack comes out.

[Edit: Not to put all the blame on the other healers. It was a healing cluserfuck all around, and us priests were running around aimlessly through much of the fight too. We all need to learn some coordination.]


Sep. 24th, 2006 09:16 pm
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It took a few hours, and quite a few tries, but we managed a Horde first on our server; we cleared the spider wing in Naxxaramas.

First pull was at 14:00, and we finally downed her at just after 20:30. Some of the wipes were a learning experience, some were just plain bad luck. We ran 30 minutes past the scheduled end-time for the raid, but we could taste a kill in the making and we all decided to stick it out for as long as it took. By the time we got to the kill, we'd burned through three repair bots, and just about every potion and consumable we had in the guild bank. We went into the final fight with only minimal buffs, leaving us to suspect that strategy and timing was much more important to the fight than all the potions and other goods we'd been burning through.

To give you an idea of how frantic this fight was, here's some of the things that happen during the encounter.

  • After the first 20 seconds, and every 40 seconds after she randomly encases three people in web and sticks them to the wall where they will take about 750 points of damage per second until they are freed.

  • After 30 seconds, and every 40 seconds after she releases a wave of baby spiders that swarm into the raid.

  • Every 40 seconds she sprays the entire raid with web, stunning them for 8 seconds and dealing out about 2100 points of damage.

  • She hits with a necrotic poison that reduces healing by 90% for 30 seconds.

  • She occasionally fires off a cone of poison dealing about 2100 points of damage to everyone in front of her (important for the raid to stay behind/beside her for that reason).

  • At 30% health she enrages and her damage production goes up considerably (as if she wasn't tough enough already.

As you can see, it's a pretty intense fight. And this is the easy wing in this instance. O_o
This was one tough little bug. )
I have also been informed that it's the anniversary of my former guild. Grats guys. From what I've seen and heard, it sounds like you're progressing nicely. I'll crack a Gordok Green Grog in your honour.
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After breezing our way through AQ and Nefarian earlier this week, we decided to try our hand at another of the bosses who has PWND us to date.  We were pretty sure that we had a good strategy for him, but we couldn't seem to get Anub'Rekhan below about 78%.

While most of that was our own doing, we did have some frustratingly bad luck in our earlier efforts.  We had spontaneous resets, raid-wiping lag spikes - if you can think of something in the game that can glitch, it glitched on us at least once in our attempts.  On our first try last night we took him down to 64 percent health, and as one of the raid members gushed, "If we'd had another rogue or two with us, that would easily have been 45 percent!"  The raid leader swapped out a couple of healers for additional rogues, and (after an epically bad attempt, followed by a botched pull) we got him down to 45 percent before we wiped.

Obviously we got him on the next take or you wouldn't be reading this now. )

Still WoW related, but humourous.

Awhile back (early spring) one of my co-workers was asking me about the game.  He enquired about the system requirements, and wanted to know if his two kids could play at the same time using the same account.  I gave him all the info he needed, and he's never mentioned it again -- until yesterday.

He was on his way outside for a smoke while I was heading home yesterday, and as we were waiting for the elevator he turned to me and said, "So, are you still playing World of Warcraft?"

"Yes," I replied tentatively.  His tone of voice had implied that it was a loaded question, so I was curious to see what he was leading up to.  Apparently he just needed to vent.  His two kids had taken to the game with a passion - as has his wife now too.  His kids had seen perhaps 10 hours of actual daylight over the course of the summer.  He griped about how his daughter already has two level 60s, and another at level 52.  His son isn't far behind.

"And they're always whining at us to buy them more gold!"

"What?  No!  Tell them to earn it like honest people do."

"Well, we got them some for their birthdays, but they spent that and now they keep raiding my wife's coffers."

Kids - oy!  I'd gank 'em if they were on my server to teach them a lesson (he mentioned that they're playing alliance).


Sep. 5th, 2006 07:09 am
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What follows is geeky talk about WoW.  Those of you who don't play, or aren't interested are free to roll your eyes indulgently and carry on.  (No, really, you probably won't even find this interesting on an abstract, academic level.  Too much obscure geekery distilled into one post.)

. . .

It was an interesting weekend in Warcraft.  We probably spent a little more time behind the keyboards than we'd have liked, but even so we managed to get outside a few times and experience actual sunshine.

Sometime last week the guild finally manage to down the twin emperors, and last night we cleared away the trash mobs leading to Cthun.  A few of the guild cashed in for some new weapons from the NPCs outside his chamber, and then we (mostly) stripped naked and ran into his room to see what we were in for.  I got blasted for 9000ish points of damage running into the room, so I had to watch the fun from the doorway, but I think that [ profile] atara managed to snag some screen shots.  Even though it was far from a serious effort, we managed to get him down to 92%

We did our usual BWL run on Sunday, and cruised our way to the end in near-record time, only to wipe repeatedly on Nefarian again.  Our raid leader was a bit angsty about this, as we used to have this guy on farm status, and we haven't managed to take him down in over a month.  We just can't seem to get past phase one in the fight - and considering that it was a fairly easy bronze/red combination on Sunday, it's easy to see why people are getting a little upset.  After AQ last night we all trucked over to Nef's chamber again to try out a new strategy.

The new strategy went something like this:  The cloth-wearers (healers/casters/etc) stood in the centre of the room, in range of both entrances.  We split tanks left and right to handle the drakes as they came into the room, and had a couple of roving tanks to pull any runners away from the healers (I need to berate my fellow priests later for generating too much threat.  Stop using Flash Heal, damnit!).  Our rogues and hunters focused fire on the bronze mobs, while the mages and warlocks dotted and burned down the reds.  Everything went awry on the first attempt, but once we'd convinced the tanks to stay put, it went better on the second try.  When we (finally!) survived the first part of the fight, Nefarian landed and we made him our bitch with relative ease.  That felt good.  We needed that kill.

The guild has given up doing serious runs on Fri/Sat, but we usually have enough around for an AQ20 and/or ZG run.  We have them both on snooze-button status1, so we'll often do them both on the same day because they're so quick.  I like both instances, so I'm usually up for a clear of either.  Anyway, we'd just got a few pulls into ZG when one of the other raiding guilds began pestering our raid leader for help.  Apparently they had cleared Molten Core all the way to Ragnaros, but didn't have enough people online to tackle him before the instance reset.  They said, "the 20 you have in ZG would be enough to let us take him down."  We put it to a vote, and decided to help out a fellow guild.

In the end we did more than help out.  They only managed to scrape up 6 people from their guild for the run, and we filled out the other 34.  There was a lot of idle guild-chatter about this, including sentiments like, "What the heck?  They ask for help and then only bring six guys to the raid?  Why do we need these guys along in the first place?  Let's just boot them once we get into the instance - we've downed Rag with less than 30 before."  In the end we behaved honourably.  They did clear it all the way to Ragnaros after all, even if only 6 of them could be bothered showing for the main boss.  It turns out that they weren't bad folk either.  When one of their hunters won the roll for a tier 2 piece and learned that one of our guys needed that piece to complete his set, he graciously passed.  Classy.  I like to think that I'd do the same.

Oh, and I got my Leggings of Transcendence (bouncebouce!)  Two sets of the pants dropped, and the two of us who needed them tied our rolls at 39, so I guess it was just meant to be.  I'd have been happy to get the Prophecy pants - or any pants other than the ones I was still wearing.  I'd bought them in the auction house months ago and they were getting a little threadbare.  One of these days I'll compile an equipment list so that you fellow Warcrafters can all point and laugh at my mishmash of mismatched armour.  I'm just happy to have over 7K in mana now (buffed, mind you.  Just over 6K without buffs).

One other item of interest is that we ran Liveside Stratholme a couple of times on the weekend, trying to get a drop for one of our newer mages. I mentioned to the others in the party that we'd scored three Righteous Orbs the last time I'd run that instance. Getting that many of them in a run is unusual. We got two on our first run, and six on the second. I have two of them in my bank, waiting for me to decide their fate. Question to y'all: should I save them for future enchants, or sell them and put the money into my horse fund?

1 - snooze-button status = wake me up if you need me to cast a heal or something.  Or - to quote one of my favourite lines from an article on the dangers of over-equipping the people for whom you GM, "I yawn.  I consider casting a spell."
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My very first run through MC with my new guild, and this is what I walked away with:

Mantle of Prophecy
Girdle of Prophecy
The Eye of Divinity

It's no wonder people like this instance. O_o

Mind you, that also put me way negative DKP, but I'm sure I'll earn my way positive again soon enough.


Feb. 22nd, 2006 12:17 pm
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They opened the gates to Ahn'Qiraj last night, and the server crashed only once during the event.  Since I had already seen the event in a movie filmed on another server, I decided to avoid the lag-ridden event and joined a guild raid group to fight some of the critters emerging from the crystals that appeared all over Kalimdor.  Not too long after I got there, a fair number of Alliance players showed up for the same purpose.

In the same spirit of cooperation that ultimately led to the opening of the gates, and faced with a common enemy, we naturally started killing each other and virtually ignored the confused bugs that emerged from the crystals. There is a lesson to be learned here somewhere...  I think.
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I finally got to experience a dungeon instance in WoW this weekend.  I have been through instances before, but in every case I've either had a high-level character or two carving the way for me, or I've been the high-level person dragging somebody else through the instance.  Being in a situation where your whole party can be wiped by a miscue (we were) puts a completely different face on dungeon questing.

What also made it fun was that I was along as the party's healer.  A good healer is like gold on a dungeon crawl, and it was neat watching the party form a protective phalanx around me every time the action got a bit heavy - and since I was at the bottom end of the level grade for this dungeon, I needed a little extra protection.  In truth we all could have used a little more protection - we wiped once, and I had to resurrect the whole party on three other occasions.  It didn't help that most of the party were comprised of squishy cloth-wearing spell-casters (2 warlocks, a mage and a priest - though we managed to track down a tank a bit later on, and he definitely helped).

What I found really interesting in the adventure was how the going became easier for us as the dungeon got harder.  By the time we got to the boss, we had all figured out the dynamics of the party, and had settled on a winning formula.

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