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[personal profile] atara made us avocado toast for brunch today - one of the luxuries we afford ourselves when they are in season and (comparatively) inexpensive. We usually don't have it with a fried egg on top; that kind of decadence is reserved for weekends and holidays.

Who knew that homelessness could be so delicious!

There is an Australian millionaire who made a stir when he suggested that millennials cannot afford to buy houses because they squander their money on avocado toast and lattes. I understand the point he is trying to make, but I believe he is conflating cause and effect.

I think that millennials are spending money on luxuries like avocado toast, electronics, and fancy coffees because they've resigned themselves to the fact that they are unlikely to ever own a house in the current market unless they inherit one.

Our house is comparatively cheap compared to the same house in other markets, but even so its value has quadrupled since I bought it back in '95. My wages - heck, our wages combined - are not quadruple what I was earning back then. The truth is that the price of a home in many of the prime markets is rapidly outpacing the growth in wages in those same areas.

To his defense, this guy only started with an inheritance of a few tens of thousands, versus the millions inherited by many millionaires that live in that kind of a bubble. As such, he is largely self-made and has some room to be preachy about it.

Also, there is a good point hiding in his hubris.

If you can afford to regularly treat yourself, you can afford to treat yourself about 30% less and put some of that aside. It may never amount to a house, but emergency savings can be a life saver.

I guess if it came down to pointing fingers on the matter, I'd have to put much of the blame on the parents who never taught their kids how to save. My parents did their part, even if it took nearly 30 years for the lesson to properly sink in.
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Note to self: when you stay up late because you are planning to sleep for an extra hour in the morning, don't set the coffee maker to come on at the regular time.

On the plus side - Mmmmmm... coffee....

On the down side - ack! Tired!
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[ profile] atara and I took the camera along when we went out for brunch yesterday so that we could get some shots of the damage following Saturday's pair of storms.  Aside from getting our sunflowers knocked over, we came away fairly unscathed.

We got some reasonably dramatic pictures, but there were a few that we didn't get shots of either.  All of these shots are from south of our place, but to the north of our house there were trees down on houses (though the houses looked mostly undamaged), trees down on cars, and in some cases large trees that had been completely uprooted and overturned.

If you look closely at the second picture from the bottom in her journal, you'll notice that there is a power line running through the remains of that tree.  I feel badly for the trees - most of the ones we saw were split down the middle, or snapped in half like toothpicks.  I doubt that the majority of the damaged ones will survive, and though the city tends to replace downed trees, they are not replacing elms with elms.  Eventually this city is going to lose its elms through attrition (either through disease or wind), and it just won't be the same without those stately trees.  I doubt it will all happen in my lifetime, but the thought still saddens me a bit.
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Apparently they sent the society reporter out to cover a story on LAN parties.

Written by a non-techie for non-techies.

Here are couple of sample quotes from the article:

But high-powered temporary servers called local area networks, or LANs, enable computers in a concentrated area to communicate.

Oh, so that's what a server is.  I learn something new every day.

Gamers mechanically swig designer caffeine drinks, their eyes sweating with the possibility of a virtual escape, their mouths motoring off instructions.

I suppose there's nothing technically wrong with this line, but I have this mental image of sweat beads forming on the eyeballs when I read it.

Who knew there were these things called LAN parties - then again, I only learned of them about 15 years ago.
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I need to start off my day with a whine (but I'll be posting pictures later).

One of the souvenirs I brought back from the coast was a summer cold.  Ears and sinuses plugged.  Throat sore.  Bleah.

I slept badly last night (partly for reasons outlined above) and every time I stirred, I had a cat all over me.  I think she missed us when we were away.

I slept wrong and pinched something in my shoulder and now it hurts every time I lift my arm (but moving my arm around seems to be helping a bit - or maybe that's the ibuprofen kicking in).

Even though I deleted copious amounts of email while I was at [ profile] prowlerwolf6's place, my work in-basket is still overflowing.

I need more cheese in my diet.
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We made it home again, hale and sound.  I won't say that this was a terribly relaxing vacation, but it was a very satisfying one.  I am glad to be home, though.  We fell in the door this afternoon, gave the cats a quick pet (and some food) and then went over to [ profile] pierrekrahn's for some barbecued burgers and a much-needed soak in his new pool.

I am too burnt out to post much just now, so you'll have to settle for this picture that [ profile] atara shot out the window of the plane as we were leaving Abbotsford.

Mount Baker in all its glory.

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