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After [ profile] atara shoved me awake for the fourth time last night because my snoring was keeping her awake, I finally rolled out of bed at 3:00 this morning and entertained myself on the computer until she got up.

When she left for work, I went to lie down again for an hour or two. I woke up around noon in a pool of my own drool, feeling fuzzy and lethargic as I am wont to do when I oversleep too badly.

Other than that, I felt OK when I first got up, so I made myself a coffee and and a fried-egg/leftover pulled pork sandwich for breakfast. Within a couple more hours I was feeling hung over, complete with nausea and a splitting headache that made it miserable to do anything. I took a couple of aspirin, and that took the edge off the headache for awhile, but every time I stood up or moved around, it came throbbing back with a vengeance. In short, I spent the day sitting around and feeling like crap.

About mid-afternoon I fetched myself a glass of carrot juice, as comfort more than anything, and about ten minutes after I finished it, I was feeling marginally better. I poured myself another glass, and it helped some more. I followed that up with two large glasses of water, and spent the afternoon parked on my ass in front of my computer watching old episodes of cooking shows and drinking water. By 16:00 I was feeling well enough to go wash the dishes, and then shave and shower myself.

I am starting to think that my problem was not so much oversleeping, as dehydration. When I unwrapped the pork yesterday, there was a good cup and a half of fluid with it in the foil. After I shredded it, I wrapped it all back up again, and it reabsorbed the liquid. In retrospect, I should have poured the liquid off because I think it may have been brine that cooked out of the meat. The pork is really good, but it is a bit salty - even for my taste. I suspect the combination of having just that and coffee for breakfast leached me of too much liquid, leading to my dehydration.

I have never heard of getting hung over from too much salt, but it makes sense. Well, actually a combination of that and oversleeping - I always feel worse if I get too much sleep than not enough. It also makes sense why drinking lots of fluids (my usual treatment for a hangover - not that I get them very often any more) would bring relief.

It just sucks that I did not manage to accomplish anything today. I'd had plans for my vacation time (mostly fall cleaning around the house).

Footprints in the sand
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I picked up a cold while I was visiting Ohio, and every time I think I have given it the shake, it casually back-hands me again. This time I am certain that I am on the mend. Yesterday was a hellish day of coughing until my body was a full ring of hurting muscles, and my throat was in shreds. I only managed to get about an hour of sleep the previous night because I'd have coughing fits every time I nearly dozed off, yet I had to keep myself alert because I only had until the end of the day to fill out and review my mid-year performance.

I was feeling a little better last night, but after hacking and wheezing for about an hour, I got up and banished myself to the front of the house so that at least [ profile] atara could get some sleep. I guess my tired finally outstripped my coughing, because I fell asleep after about an hour of intermittent coughing and dozing, and then awoke when it was light outside. I debated going back to the bedroom where we have AC, but I didn't want to wake [ profile] atara, and I figured there was no point in messing with success if I was sleeping well on the divan. I dozed off again and did not awaken again until nearly 8.

Still coughing this evening, but not nearly as badly as I have been the past few nights. I will reluctantly take another shot of Nyquil tonight, and take a long, steamy shower before bed to clear my airways as much as I can before I turn in. I am reluctant to take any cold medicine tonight because I've been taking it for a solid week now, and I don't like the way it messes with my system.

Nyquil also causes me to experience some really weird dreams.

Not just weird dreams, but each night I will experience variants of the same strange dream over and over again. That is, a different dream each night, but the same thematic dream over the course of the night.

For example, on one of my Nyquil-fevered nights, I dreamt that I needed to memorize all of the GPS coordinates for our drive home from Ohio. Somehow this was work-related, since the interface for it strongly resembled some of the tools that I use at the office. I was calling up the GPS maps, opening up the supporting data, refreshing it to fill in missing or blank fields, then pressing a Save button that supposedly wrote those out to my brain. Over and over, with different actors entering the dream and leaving again, but always writing GPS coordinates out to my brain. I woke up a couple of times in the night, and when I fell asleep again - same dream.

Another night I had a series of apocalyptic, end-of-the-world dreams. In one, we were on a collision course with another planet. It was coming up on the side of the world opposite us, but we knew it was just a matter of minutes away at that point, and our main concern was how much we were going to suffer before it was all over. In another, the sun had exploded. We knew the moment it happened, and we were just waiting the eight minutes for the end to reach us. In all, I remember there being at least five of these dreams. In each one, there was an underlying wryness through the horror; hadn't we already been through this and all died at least a couple of times already?

Then things got weird. In the final dream, I knew that the end was going to result from gravity failing. The laws of nature were undergoing a shift, and gravity was going to quit working. For some reason, this one bothered me more than the earlier ones. I found out that Gaia was responsible, so I decided to track her down in the last minutes we had remaining. When I found her, she looked remarkably like Rarity, sporting a blindfold much like the one worn by Lady Justice. She was annoyed with how things had worked out with her creation, and she was going to hit the reset button on nature and try it again.

I did my best to convince her that we weren't all that bad, and that there was enough good in humanity to make it worth saving. She really didn't want to destroy the world, so she promised to consider my words. I gave her a hug and thanked her for at least thinking about it. As I was hugging her, things started getting very light as if gravity was shutting down, but I woke up before learning if she decided to reverse her decision or not.

Like I said, Nyquil does strange things to my dreams.

Stop while you're a head


Mar. 24th, 2015 09:44 am
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I have mostly beaten this latest cold. What remains is a bit of stuffiness in the head, a lingering trace of a cough, and the utter inability to taste anything. It is the last bit that bothers me because it has been some time since a cold managed to completely remove my sense of taste and smell.

We lost our power for a couple of hours last night as the result of another pole fire. This has been our third significant outage in the past couple of months, all of them a result of power poles catching fire. After years of stable power, I hope this is not a harbinger of things to come.

Before the power went out, I got a picture of Merry cuddled up to her new favourite plushy. I don't know what it is even doing out here, but since she discovered it, she has taken to falling asleep with her head resting on it like a pillow.
Merry has a new friend
[ profile] atara bought this for me when we were dating. I fell asleep more than once over the years with this little plush toy clutched firmly in my arms, but I guess it is time to pass it along to its new owner.
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There, I got all the suck over with in the subject line.

My little brother mentioned on Facebook that he was "pink slipped" at the start of the month. I don't know if that means he was given his notice then, or if that is when he was officially put out of a job. When our sister asked if he had any idea what he wanted to do next, he mentioned only that he would do everything in his power to avoid appliances.

He has been schlepping appliances for longer than I have been working for the railroad, so I imagine he must be sick of them by now. The job market is in reasonably decent shape out there just now, so I think he will find something before too long.

I sometimes wonder how things would have turned out for him if he had stayed on the mainland and taken a job with the railway instead of stubbornly moving back to the island to keep working in furniture delivery. I think his life would have been better, but mine would have been markedly different. We'd probably have split ownership on a house out in the suburbs once dad retired.

I might not have come to Winnipeg if I'd known that I had a place where I could crash long-term until I found something else when they moved our offices out here. If I had not come to Winnipeg I would not have become dreadfully lonely and started spending endless hours on-line where I met [ profile] atara.

I think that in the end, his life would arguably have been better, and mine would have been worse. Not a bad life, just a little different, with a strange emptiness in it.

We went for a walk on the weekend to take advantage of the glorious weather. One of our stops was the conservatory, where they had some interesting new topiary on display (not pictured here). They had also set up this garden with three fountains. I slapped the neutral density filter on my lens and braced my camera on a bridge railing to get this shot. I think it made the fountains look a bit more interesting.

Two weeks ago we bundled up and went for a walk up the river. Last weekend we debated if we even needed jackets for our walk in the park. I am always amazed at how quickly the river starts to break up when the weather creeps above freezing. It is hard to tell from this shot, but those cracks stretch down a couple of feet before they fade from view.

Con Crud

Nov. 22nd, 2012 11:45 am
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In spite of all the hand washing and liberal use of hand sanitizer, I managed to come home from the convention with a minor cold. I am not surprised, as it sounded a bit like a tuberculosis ward at the breakfast buffet on our last morning there. [ profile] atara has managed to avoid the cold so far, but I daresay that if yesterday was the worst it plans to hit me with then I will count myself as lucky.

I don't know if this man was checking in or out, but the automated kiosk was apparently giving him trouble. He spent at least ten minutes at the kiosk while a parade of various hotel staff came by to help him. Just a thought, but when something has not worked after the first five minutes, it may be a cue to step to your right and let a real human tackle the issue.

Anyway, here is another of the hotel staff pitching in to help with whatever was giving him trouble. I have mentioned before that I am a big fan of the surreal, Kubrickesque lighting in the lobby of this hotel, and this picture manages to capture a bit of that.

The bulk of pictures that I took at the con were of the fursuit parade. Fursuit production is starting to reach a point of maturity, which is a mixed bag of blessings in my opinion. On the plus side, the quality of the suits in the parade gets better every year. On the down side, as 700+ suits pass you, there is a growing air of sameness about them. I think part of that is because more people are commissioning them than creating their own. Let's face it, if the choice is between building a baggy suit with an ill-fitting, cut-foam head or ordering a custom-fit suit with 3D eyes and an articulated jaw, who wouldn't spend the extra few bucks for a clean, professional-looking getup? I've been tempted a few times myself...

I am not going to lie - I think I prefer the current state to the droopy, smelly suits of bygone times, but at the same time I do feel like we've lost a bit of the charm. My biggest quibble was the sameness of a lot of the suits, and I am wondering that this is just a transition phase, like when every artist was trying to emulate Michele Light. Anyway, this is just a quibble rather than a complaint. They all had better suits than mine.

A couple more pictures behind the cut )
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When I look into the sun...


I think I coughed up a handful of alveoli today. On the plus side, as crappy as I feel this evening I am feeling better than I was last night.

Sick cats

Aug. 30th, 2005 10:13 am
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I mentioned briefly in an earlier post that we are fostering some cats for the Humane Society.  I stole some pictures from [ profile] atara for the occasion.

We're keeping them isolated from our regular cats for a couple of reasons - not the least of which is that the foster cats are all sick with a respiratory ailment.  Mother and daughter are both coughing and sneezing, and the little male is having a number of problems.  To be honest, we're not entirely sure what's wrong with him, but we're both beginning to fear that he may not survive.  A kitten should be bouncy and happy, not mewling and depressed like this little guy is.

I suspect we're going to be making a trip to the vet later today.  Hopefully it's something treatable.

Pictures behind a cut. )
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[ profile] atara and I took the camera along when we went out for brunch yesterday so that we could get some shots of the damage following Saturday's pair of storms.  Aside from getting our sunflowers knocked over, we came away fairly unscathed.

We got some reasonably dramatic pictures, but there were a few that we didn't get shots of either.  All of these shots are from south of our place, but to the north of our house there were trees down on houses (though the houses looked mostly undamaged), trees down on cars, and in some cases large trees that had been completely uprooted and overturned.

If you look closely at the second picture from the bottom in her journal, you'll notice that there is a power line running through the remains of that tree.  I feel badly for the trees - most of the ones we saw were split down the middle, or snapped in half like toothpicks.  I doubt that the majority of the damaged ones will survive, and though the city tends to replace downed trees, they are not replacing elms with elms.  Eventually this city is going to lose its elms through attrition (either through disease or wind), and it just won't be the same without those stately trees.  I doubt it will all happen in my lifetime, but the thought still saddens me a bit.
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Assume         a = b
therefore      a - b = 0
additionally  2a - 2b = 0
therefore      a - b = 2a - 2b, or
             1(a - b) = 2(a - b)

Now if we factor out the (a - b) from this equation...
                1          1             1(a - b) = 2(a - b)                -----------------                    (a - b)                       1 Ergo          1 = 2

Most people spot the fallacy right away, but it's surprising how many people I've caught with this one.
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Apparently they sent the society reporter out to cover a story on LAN parties.

Written by a non-techie for non-techies.

Here are couple of sample quotes from the article:

But high-powered temporary servers called local area networks, or LANs, enable computers in a concentrated area to communicate.

Oh, so that's what a server is.  I learn something new every day.

Gamers mechanically swig designer caffeine drinks, their eyes sweating with the possibility of a virtual escape, their mouths motoring off instructions.

I suppose there's nothing technically wrong with this line, but I have this mental image of sweat beads forming on the eyeballs when I read it.

Who knew there were these things called LAN parties - then again, I only learned of them about 15 years ago.


Jul. 12th, 2005 08:25 am
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It's time for another episode of "cooking with [ profile] plonq".

At one point last week I found myself in possession of two mid-sized gutted, headless Pacific salmon.  Apparently the expectation was that I would work some kind of magic on these fish to render them edible (it's in your blood when you're born on the coast, don'tcha know?)

I would like to point out that in the past 20 years, my sole experience with preparing salmon has involved dealing with boneless, skinless fillets that I have either cut up and served raw with sushi rice, or cooked on a cedar plank on a barbecue.  On the other hand these fish would have been flopping around on the counter, but for the lack of heads and intestines.  It would be an understatement to say that I was at a bit of a loss.

I searched my memory banks in desperation, and finally settled on an old recipe that I remembered hearing about when I was 8 or 10 - though the recipe called for the fish to be thrown into a campfire, and I wasn't sure how our host would feel if I tried to spark up a fire in his kitchen.  I did my best to improvise, and here's what I came up with:

First I stuffed the fish with butter, brown sugar and lemon juice, then I added a layer of the same on top for good measure.  As an after-thought I sprinkled both fish with salt, pepper and crushed garlic, then wrapped them in foil and put them in a 350' oven for 45 minutes.  The end result was something quite edible.
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I need to start off my day with a whine (but I'll be posting pictures later).

One of the souvenirs I brought back from the coast was a summer cold.  Ears and sinuses plugged.  Throat sore.  Bleah.

I slept badly last night (partly for reasons outlined above) and every time I stirred, I had a cat all over me.  I think she missed us when we were away.

I slept wrong and pinched something in my shoulder and now it hurts every time I lift my arm (but moving my arm around seems to be helping a bit - or maybe that's the ibuprofen kicking in).

Even though I deleted copious amounts of email while I was at [ profile] prowlerwolf6's place, my work in-basket is still overflowing.

I need more cheese in my diet.

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