Sep. 4th, 2017 04:38 pm
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How is it that I have never before seen this video?!

I purchased this on vinyl many years back when that was still my main means of playing music. At the time, I was just beginning to collect earlier works of Jethro Tull after being introduced to them by way of their Broadsword LP. The album that I purchased came in a plain white sleeve, with the words "NOT FOR RESALE" clearly printed on the cover. The used record shop obviously felt that the warning only applied to new copies.

I really liked a couple of the tracks on first listening, but the rest of the album grew on me over time. This was always my favourite track.
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When we signed up for Spotify Premium a few weeks ago, I thought it would be nice to put together a put together a few play lists for when I am at work, or relaxing at home, working in the yard, plotting revenge, etc.

Instead, what I ended up doing was just dumping every song I could think of that I like, or might like at some point into a giant play list of 3000+ songs.

On the plus side, it means I can hit shuffle and have a personal radio station of just music that I like. The down side is that it's like having a personal university station, where Tommy Dorsey might cross-fade into Killing Joke.


That said, I enjoy the eclectic mix. I don't need to worry about getting bored with Pantera when, likely as not, Michael Bublé will be on next.
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Spotify has become a rabbit hole for me lately.

CBC played a song earlier this evening, and though I tried to get Soundhound on my phone to recognize it, I guess it was too obscure or Canadian or something for the app.

At the end they identified the artist as Buffy Sainte-Marie. I went searching, but had no luck until some dedicated Googling revealed that it was actually a song she'd done with Tanya Tagaq.

Sadly, the song is not on Spotify.

No matter. I added a different song by her that I liked, and grabbed a couple by Tanya Tagaq while I was at it (she's one of those artists whose name I can never remember on demand. "You know - that lady who does the throat singing.")

I knew I had been spending enough time on Spotify when, ninety minutes later, I found myself adding Meat Puppets to my playlist.
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I fell down the Spotify rabbit hole the past couple of nights, and started building myself a big playlist. I still have a couple more hundred songs to add to it before I am done with this round of additions, but it's coming along.

I will probably break out a few smaller, themed play lists (travel tunes, etc), but there are a lot of prefab ones out there that fit that role nicely. This is just an all purpose list of songs that I like, and add when they come to mind. For the most part Spotify has a very comprehensive library to pick from, but I have been disappointed by the lack of anything by Peter Gabriel, or the strange inclusion of just about every song by Nina Hagen except for the one that I want.

Spotify playlist
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We recently bucked up for a family account in Spotify Premium. [personal profile] atara was going to sign up anyway, and when I learned that it was only $5 extra to sign us both up under a family deal, I figured it was worth a shot.

I'd had Spotify on my phone and Surface earlier, and removed it from both for reasons that elude me now. I probably complained about it in LJ at the time, so I'm sure I could go back and revisit my reasons. So far I am liking it a lot, so it is possible that the free version included annoyances that I am not seeing in the paid version. I do know that it had a habit of spamming me with celebrity birthday in the phone version, but that was something I could easily shut off, and does not seem like the driving force behind a full system purge.

Right now I'm looking to build myself a good play list for it. I'd love to mirror the one on my old iPod, but that would involve either manually replicating it song by song, or installing iTunes again. I'd rather not do either, but I guess the process of producing a new play list will give me a chance to add in some newer music, and revisit some of the songs that I've been meaning to remove from the list.

On the subject of iTunes, does anybody know of a good alternative I can get for Windows? I want to update the play list on my old iPod, but after my last experience with iTunes, I'd rather not expose my current install to that bit of malware.

iTunes needs to install updates. Please click "accept" and pay no attention to the details. Trust Steve.

Oh, hello, I see you have added Safari to the list of automatic "updates" again.

Fortunately, it sounds like they mercifully discontinued the Windows version of their browser, so at least I could scratch that off the list of concerns.

I like the convenience of the iPod when I am travelling, but I hate the inconvenience of trying to update its play list. It would be nice if I could just update the play list by dragging songs in or out of the folder - like on every other media device I've ever owned - but I understand that Apple does not play that way. So if anyone has suggestions for a good iTunes work-around, I'd appreciate any help.
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This song has been going through my head all morning.  I'm glad it finally came up in my song rotation.

It could be worse; at least it's not that dancing hamsters tune.
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Row 15 - could be a lot worse. )

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