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After coming up clean for years, the hygienist found two cavities on the x-ray during a routine cleaning last week. The dentist came in at the end of the cleaning, double-checked the x-ray and then poked around with a probe and confirmed that I had the beginnings of two small cavities - one on the lower left side, and the other on the upper right - that would need to be addressed. They made a follow-up appointment for today to get them both drilled and filled.

On the one hand, I was glad to be getting them both out of the way at the same time. On the other hand, when you are getting fillings on both sides of your mouth, it makes it hard to pick a side to chew with during the recovery period.

I have bad teeth, which are worse for years of neglect before I got into a good cleaning and brushing cycle again. Having to get two of them extracted turned into a wake-up call for me, and I started taking better care of them again after that. I won't be growing any more teeth as I lose these ones, and I don't want to enter my later years wearing full a full set of dentures like my mother. I inherited my rotten teeth from her side of the family, and I don't want to inherit dentures from her side as well.

I am not a fan of getting dental work done - any dental work, including scaling and cleaning. Fillings and root canals are the worst though. It's not the drilling that bothers me, it's when they inject the Novocaine. I hate getting needles - especially in the mouth. The first couple of times I needed to get injections in the mouth for dental work at my current dentist, I came very close to fainting in the chair. I felt a little silly about it at the times, because my current dentist is actually very skilled; I can barely feel it go in, and there is virtually no soreness when the numbing comes out.

I think I am still traumatized by the dental work I had done on me when I was young. Dad was notorious for sniffing out details. He found a barber who would cut our hair for free, and he took us to him every time he felt we needed a trim. This guy should have been long retired, but he had a dusty old shop set up in the front of an old hotel in Victoria where he would put his blunt razor and old-time hair tonic to good use. Seriously. He hacked off our hair using only a comb and a straight razor, and he had bottles of hair tonic all around his shop.

Anyway, I think he found a deal on a dentist. This guy would do the work for cheap, as long as nobody started asking any awkward questions. The worst thing with him was the needle. My memories are probably clouded by trauma, but I clearly remember it looking like this:

It was huge. You could hear and feel the pop as it pierced the inside of your mouth, and it hurt like heck in spite of the fact that he'd swab on a topical numbing agent first. Almost worse was that he would just blast the Novocaine into you and the yank the needle out again in order to get the process over with as quickly as possible. I remember some of the injections hurting for more than a week after I'd had the fillings done. I also sometimes wonder if he watered down the anaesthetic, because I don't remember having things go as numb as they do when my current dentist performs work.

I am probably being unkind to the man, who probably prided himself in his work, but in my memories of him he was a butcher. One of the teeth I lost in later years was partly due to nerve damage he did with on of his over-aggressive fillings. The bridge that I have there now is part of his legacy. Another part of his legacy was instilling a deep fear of needles into me. It is only in recent years that I can finally get a flu shot without breaking out in a cold sweat and swooning.

One thing I can say with certainty is that if my current dentist had been the one treating me back in my youth, I'd have been more vigilant about keeping up visits as I got older.
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Every week or so they put out a new poll on our internal web portal. Last week it was a survey about our HR self-serve system. This week it appeared to be about to be the same questions, so I decided to change my answer.
Then things got a little strange. )

I got my gums trimmed teeth cleaned and de-scaled today. About 35 minutes into the process I finally commented to the hygienist that my teeth seemed to be a bit worse than normal. She seemed surprised that I knew. When you've already lost a quarter-pound of gum material and a pint of blood, you tend to notice these things.

I am not surprised that my teeth have more plaque than usual - it's my own fault for eating too healthy these days. Healthier foods tend to result in more tartar, but less plaque. The same acids in the plaque that dissolve your teeth also dissolves the tartar. It's like a choice between a kick in the privates, or a knee in the privates. I get to choose between eating sugary foods and rotting away my teeth, or eating healthy foods and irritating my gums to the point where my healthy teeth fall out anyway.

You know, it could be worse. For all the times I bite my cheek or tongue by accident, I imagine how much worse it must be for a cat with its razor-sharp teeth.
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Fibnally, almost a fubll hour affer the probcedure if finish, the Nobvocaine iff finally kicked in. Numb mouf ftl. =(
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I went in for my semi-annual teeth-cleaning and gum-gouging today.  While I was there I flagged down the dentist and told him about some chronic pain I've been experiencing with my bridge, and asked if he could check it out.  I was pretty sure that it wasn't loose (he confirmed that), but I was a bit worried that one of the teeth holding it might have cracked.  He determined that it was pressure-related stress, and to rectify that he hauled out an industrial grinder and shaved down one of the neighbouring teeth.  It didn't hurt at all, but I always get a bit concerned when I see somebody sticking what looks like a drill into my mouth without the benefit of anaesthetic.

Then he admonished me for brushing too much, or at least brushing too vigorously.

After he was done the hygienist performed her usual torture, and then applied a couple coats of foul-tasting varnish to the sensitive parts of the teeth.  The only worse-tasting thing I can think of that I've had in my mouth recently was the epoxy they used to attach the bridge in the first place.  You'd think that if they design a varnish for your teeth that the least they could do is flavour it with mint.  Heck, even a  Limburger & Sauerkraut with Pickled Onion flavour would have been better than this stuff.  Bleah.  I may drink some hand sanitizer to get the flavour out of my mouth.  :P

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