Apr. 6th, 2007 12:20 pm
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This weekend I have decided to do what I should have done when I first got my notebook computer last year; I am going to reformat the drive and do a fresh OS install.

For no good reason, I decided to see how Linux would function on the notebook. I've heard good things about Ubuntu, so I downloaded the DVD overnight and booted it up this morning. Everything seemed to work fine except for my wireless Internet connection. I must admit that the network tools in this GUI blow worse than any I've tried to use in awhile.

I was grumping to one of my propeller-head buddies in IM about it a few minutes ago, and he admitted that Linux "has issues" with wireless networking at times. While we were chatting, I did some more research through some of the Linux forums, and based on what I read there, I concluded that it's not worth the effort. I bucked up for the XP Pro disc when I bought this computer, so I may as well use that. I am not going to invest a lot of time in an OS where I have to fight my way through simple "no-brainer" issues like networking.

On the other hand, since I already have it burnt to disc, I may try installing it on one of my spare drives and see how it works on my desktop.
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Looks like like last year. I'm going back to bed.
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kil me now. do it! bang bang dead!

This is one of those Fridays at work that makes one really glad that it's Friday.

On the plus side, I'm not bored.


Aug. 15th, 2006 02:02 pm
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I'm supposed to be on vacation, but here I sit at the office, plugging away at a couple of emergency projects.

I suppose it's nice to feel needed sometimes, but this is seriously eating into my leisure time.  =(


May. 2nd, 2006 07:38 am
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Over the course of the weekend, it was determined that Business Objects' scheduled and manual reporting process contributed to a strain on an overworked CPU on the Data Warehouse server.  In order to alleviate the strain on the server, Business Objects consoles/reports were scaled back early Monday morning to process only reports deemed 'critical' to the business.

Apparently none of mine are considered 'critical' - though I've had a number of users screaming at me for the past few days who beg to differ.  I've had run the jobs and import the records to the database manually since some time mid-last week.  It's getting old - and it's going far beyond what I considered to be the kind of routine maintenance and support that I had anticipated for this job.

Oh, and I'm not actually running against the Data Warehouse - I'm pulling my data from one of the other servers - but they suspended all of my reports anyway.  It's that same principle that has the teacher give the whole class detention because one kid was chewing gum.

[Half hour pause while I take care of some priority work.]

Okay, I'm back.  I washed my coffee mug while I was away, and the interior turned from coal to pristine snow in the process.  It won't last, but for the nonce a clean coffee mug makes me happy.  Sometimes it's the little things.
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Dear [ profile] plonq

I love the report that you are producing, which actually exceeds our original design and expectations.

In retrospect, I have decided that our original design specifications were lacking.

This will require you to completely retool the reporting tools.

Hope this doesn't cause you too many problems.

Please on advise a new time-line.

Thank you.


ps - What is that strange thumping sound that I hear coming from your office?  If I didn't know better I'd swear that it sounds like a head repeatedly hitting a desk.
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Windows 2000 has a way of making simple things complicated.

I got a fancy new video card on Friday with multi-monitor support, and digital video out for my new flat-screen monitor.  Installing a new video card should be a fairly simple process, right?  Plug in the new card, fire up the computer and install the drivers when prompted.

The first problem I had was with the system BIOS.  It initially complained about the new card and, after fifteen minutes of tweaking and spontaneous reboots, it arbitrarily wiped all of its own settings and made me reconstruct everything from scratch.  I don't suppose I can rightly blame Win2K for that one, though.  Thanks IBM.

On Friday I spent the better part of two hours fighting Win2K, trying to get it to recognize the new hardware and drivers.  I ran a series of cycles through both safe mode and regular mode, enduring system hangs and spontaneous reboots before I finally managed to get a working display on one of the two monitors in regular mode.  Thirty minutes later I had a reasonably functional system with dual monitors.

This morning when I rebooted, things started to fall apart again.  The software that came with the video card stopped recognizing the second monitor, and its display was rotated 270 degrees.  Hmph.  After a bit of work, I managed to get Win2K to stop recognizing the drivers.  Actually I can't really claim credit for that - Win2K managed to do that on its own.  I took another trip to the world of Safe Mode, and after removing the devices and reinstalling the drivers off the network (that is, Windows did that for me without prompting), I managed to achieve nothing.  I downloaded the drivers from the manufacturer's website and installed those.  While I was at it, I also un-installed the utilities that came with the monitor.  All told it was about 90 minutes of work.

I don't know if it was the drivers, or the monitor utilities that were at fault, but it is finally working - or at least it's stable; quirky, but stable.

It should not take 3 1/2 hours to install a video card.
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This song has been going through my head all morning.  I'm glad it finally came up in my song rotation.

It could be worse; at least it's not that dancing hamsters tune.
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I felt so lousy when I woke up yesterday morning I decided to take the day off work.  I doped myself up on assorted medications, fired off an email and crawled back into bed for another 4 hours.  I felt so much better after my nap that I almost considered coming in late and putting in a couple of hours - but better sense prevailed and instead I played WoW for the rest of the day.  I was almost beginning to entertain the idea that I'd shaken this cold when the medication wore off and I felt as lousy as ever.  Bleah.  I slugged back some Nyquil and dragged my weary butt off to bed again where, in spite of getting nearly 11 hours sleep the night before, I managed to get in another solid 7 hours.

I felt like crap again this morning, but nothing like yesterday.  I'm sitting at my desk at work now, buzzing slightly but otherwise feeling fairly mediocre.  I can deal with mediocre.  I'm all about mediocre.
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Posted in no particular order (and behind a cut tag), here are some random shots from our vacation.
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