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For the first time in ever, I have taken a week off for my birthday. I have no plans other than to not be at work. So far it has been quite lovely.

[ profile] atara treated me to a surprise trip for my birthday. The trip itself was not a surprise, but she kept the destination a surprise until we got there (or until I figured out where were going from the direction we were heading). We did an overnight stay at the resort up on Hecla Island. The trip was wonderful - not the least because the weather cooperated - and the resort was nice. It had a few flaws, but overall I'd stay there again.

My foot is almost entirely recovered now. If I twist wrong I am reminded that I injured it recently, but otherwise I'm down to the normal aches and pains that one experiences as my age (which are not a lot because I'm not that old yet).

I stole this new avatar from 1n33d4hug on DA. I will link directly to the page here, with the disclaimer that DA pages are ephemeral at best, so you might well find the link broken if you try to follow it at some future time.

We were going to hike up to a beach called "Sunset Beach" at the park, but we discovered that it was about 2KM hike through mosquito-infested woods, and by that point we were both thoroughly chewed and walked-out for the day. Fortunately we happened up on a tower that afforded us a very good view of the sunset over the trees.

I got a great shot of the birds on these rocks. That is, it would have been a great shot if it had not been blurry behond redemption. Fortunately I got a couple other shots that weren't bad.

Speaking of ephemeral things, we were both amused by this little inukshuk standing on the rocks by the lake shore. In spite of its defiant pose, I imagine it will not withstand the waves when a good wind whips up the waves into a fine fall tempest.
Ephemeral Inukshuk

Edit: Aw screw it - I wasn't going to whine about the flaws at the hotel, but I changed my mind after my shower.

Overall the place was quite nice, but I was unimpressed by the bathroom. It had a very modern, European styling, but it was a great example of form over function. It had a long counter that ran the full length of the bathroom on one side, with sliding doors at either end. The doors were mostly decorative, with big gaps that offered no privacy. The counter had dual sinks in the form of large, metal basins measuring at least 15" across the top. With all that real estate to play with, they positioned the taps right against the back so that you had to literally press your hands to the back of the basin when washing them.

The bathtub had a shower that looked intriguing at first; it had the usual adjustable shower head, and two nozzles projecting from the wall so that you could turn on side jets in addition to the overhead shower. The principle was nice, but the water pressure was too low to make it terribly effective, and the hot water alternated between comfortably warm, and uncomfortably cool. Finally, the tub's drain was set to the side, rather than the end making it very easy to step on while you were showering. Pressing it would either close or open it, depending on its state, and it was not unusual to suddenly discover that you were showering in standing water because you had accidentally stepped on the drain.

Finally, I was unimpressed with the breakfast we had there. The dinner we'd had the night before was worthy of a resort - not exactly Michelin star material, but decent. On the other hand, breakfast the next morning was phoned in at best. Fortunately they lowered our expectations right at the start when [ profile] atara asked for her sausage to be butterflied, and the waitress responded with, "I'll put in that request, but I can't make any promises." I've run into this at a lot of hotel restaurants, that is, where they have decent lunches and good dinners, but treat breakfasts as if they are a necessary evil.
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You load sixteen tons, what do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt

Well, another year older in my case. What's scary to me is that I am only three years away from a senior's discount at many places.

I like to think that I do not act my age.

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I don't know what I expected today. Some co-workers admitted that they had considered festooning my desk with an embarrassment of ribbons and balloons, but they were not sure if I would be in today. It is not like I have ever taken my birthday off work, but I do have a somewhat unpredictable schedule when it comes to showing up at the office or working from home. To tell the truth, the only reason I did come in today was so that I would not look like a wet blanket if they actually went to the trouble of decorating.

That said, I am glad that they did not.

I have always considered the mid-century mark to be some kind of landmark year, but 40 seems to be the age where everyone makes a big deal about. When I look back at the quiet passing of 25 years, I should not be surprised that 50 would be treated as just another year, as will 75.

I suppose if I make it to the century mark, I can expect cake or be justly miffed if it does not happen. I want it to be a good cake, not some crumbly, dry, gluten-free, low-fat shit that they are likely to serve in a nursing home.

It is not that I am disappointed by the lack of hullabaloo over my birthday because I prefer for them to slide by largely unnoticed. The next forty-nine are free to do so as well, but there had better be fireworks on my hundredth.

That said, I'll see you all in fifty years. Bring your fork.

Had to happen sooner or later.
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Here are a couple of rocks. They don't look like much, but they are technically Petroforms. They were laid here a couple of thousand years ago by human hands for some purpose. Do they convey some deeper, hidden meaning, or were they put here by somebody on his way to build a bigger petroform and forgotten while he was resting?


I'm not quite as old as these rocks, but I'm getting up there.

We spent a fair bit of time wandering through the petroforms, and I have a few pretty good pictures that I'm going to post here later when I have more time. It was sunny and hot (about 33 degrees in the shade). Neither [ profile] atara nor I thought to pack or apply any sunscreen before we went up there, so ya - we got roasted pretty good.

I didn't even take a hat.
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Rumour has it that today is [ profile] pierrekrahn's birthday.  It has better be, because I hate wasting a birthday bear picture for no good reason.

Happy birthday and best fishes.

In other news, I feel the intense need to freebase coffee today.

I want one

Jul. 14th, 2005 09:54 am
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Add one of these to my growing list of geeky things I'd like to own.

Geeky goodness!

Preferably the one in blue.

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