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I cut up some dry salami and applewood-smoked cheddar into small cubes last night and put them together in a container for today's lunch.

Question: what do you get when you pack salami and applewood-smoked cheddar together in the same container and leave them in the fridge overnight?

Answer: Salami, and salami-flavoured cheddar (with hints of applewood).

As I was cutting up some more tonight for tomorrow's lunch, I was pondering on whether to pack the cheese separately when I remembered that we bought some Trappist cheese on the weekend.

It would take a lot to overpower the smell and flavour of this cheese. In a battle of cheese and dry salami, I don't know which one would win.

But I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

On an unrelated note, they had a local news story on CBC radio this morning, where they kept referring to the LGBTTQ community. I thought it was a mistake the first time, but they repeated it a couple more times. I finally had to get [personal profile] atara to explain it to me because she is more in tune with the Tumbler culture. It turns out that the second T is two-spirited - which is not the same as B, or the first T. Wait, so is it kind of related to being gender-fluid? Apparently not. I guess it won't be long before it's the LGGBTTQ community.

Date: 2017-06-15 08:40 pm (UTC)
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That's not even the worst! You can find things like LGBTQQIP2SAA* which contains one of the few wildcard characters you'll find in actual use in our language.

Also note the 2S in there for 'two-spirit'. I think that's what RRC uses.
(Two-spirit people, by the way, were the people in indigenous culture with the spirits of both men and women. They were celebrated for their wisdom and compassion back in the day before the Europeans came.)

Frankly, I'm trying to move to a catch-all "gender and sexual diversity".

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